Friday, 17 February 2012


I decided to create this page as a way of rediscovering things that i enjoy doing and things that make me happy. I spend most of my time reading, singing, watching films and spending as much time with friends as possible. Recently, i have been dabbling in what else i can do creatively for little cost to keep myself entertained - something i hope that will not only become a new hobby where i can develop new skills and ideas but eventually produce products that i can sell. 

I studied fine art and have extensive experience of working in the arts, mainly museum and gallery environments. Regrettably, it has been a while since i've painted, drawn, or photographed anything. As of right now, i have embarked on brand spanking new territory in the form of a sewing machine. I feel a beautiful friendship is in the making and i am excited to see what possibilities lie ahead.

I hope you enjoy the work, ramblings and nonsense that will most likely ensue, and i hope to meet, share ideas and perhaps collaborate with like minded people!

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